Jaguar Restoration

Jaguar Restoration

Concourse standard classic cars – Jaguar restoration specialists.

Through years of knowledge, experience and expert engineering West Riding have restored some of the finest historic Jaguars on the road and track today.

West Riding Jaguar Restorations Project

Reputed for Quality

Due the team’s extensive experience as classic Jaguar restoration specialists, West Riding are commissioned to restore historically important cars such as the Mike Hawthorn associated, Ex Tourist Trophy Garage Mark 2 Jaguar shown to the left. This historically significant classic which received a full bare shell restoration at West Riding, including bespoke customization, has now been returned to better than former glory, becoming once again the ultimate classic drivers car.

From a bare shell, through nut and bolt restoration, clients from all over the world trust West Riding to deliver one of the finest Jaguars on the road or track.

Road & Track Restorations

The team at West riding are specialists at restoring all models of classic Jaguar road cars including E-Types, MK2 and XK. From the chassis up, an expertly skilled team will restore your car to original the specification, focusing on the exacting detail. Fully restored, your cherished classic will back to its original glory.

Through building championship winning race cars and world class race engines , West Riding’s expertise extends to restoring classic sporting Jaguars. There is no better example to demonstrate the team’s capability and attention to detail with sports classics than West Riding’s Lightweight E-Type SI Competition Roadster shown to the right.

E-Type Jaguar Restoration
Restored E-Type Jaguar

Managing the Process

Through experience West Riding have established a proven process for managing world class restoration projects. Each classic Jaguar restoration is strictly managed in fine detail by a master Jaguar engineer with a passion for restoring historic Jaguars and by working closely with clients through the process, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

A rigorous final testing phase ensures each car is in perfect condition for handover to the client.

Conserving Originality

Where possible West Riding will always aim to recover and preserve the original features of the car, maintaining the car’s particular heritage. Where there is no alternative, for safety or aesthetic reasons, the finest quality replacements will be sourced from approved suppliers maintaining the exacting detail of the originals.

Paint, interior and exterior trim is returned to original condition. Major parts like sub frames are removed, tested and refurbished. Individual components, such as bushes and seals are replaced with original equipment or superior quality replacements from trusted suppliers. Car electrics are inspected and reconditioned where necessary. The engine and gearbox is handed to West Riding’s specialists performance race engineer for reconditioning or rebuilding.

Jaguar E-Type Roadster Project
Restored Jaguar Mk2 Engine

Options to Customize

Options are available to stay with existing components or upgrade to a higher specification. A comprehensive range of suspension options are available including springs and adjustable dampers. West Riding can offer complete brake conversions including vented discs, performance callipers and ABS, as well as power steering.

Clients have the option to have the engine and gearbox rebuilt to original specification or upgraded by West Riding’s specialist race performance engineer. When choosing components, clients are advised how best to achieve optimum drivability with reliability.

Concourse Standard

From a bare shell, through every nut and bolt, to the individual wood burr used for the dashboard, West Riding are able to achieve the highest concourse standard in every classic car project.

Whether standard or customised, road or track, the team at West Riding have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver you a perfectly restored classic. If you would like to discuss your own classic Jaguar road or track restoration project, please contact the office on 01924 494 400.

Concourse Standard Classic Cars

Classic Jaguar Restoration Services

Breathing new life into heritage classic cars.

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Ex Tourist Trophy Garage Mk2

Restored by West Riding.

Read more about the Mk2 project restoration.

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